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Faith Hill, Elephants and Prophetic Dreams


Last night, I dreamed I was Faith Hill, famed country music star. I had a cap of blonde curls on my head and I just thought I was amazing.

I was asked to speak at a kids’ event in a school. Being the lovely Faith Hill I was, I said yes!

I was in the gymnasium with the teacher and all of these kids. All of a sudden, some IDIOT releases an elephant into the gymnasium. This GD thing is trying to trample me AND THE KIDS.

I went running out of the gymnasium to get help. I’m walking around, trying to convince people to help us, but A) nobody believes me and B) nobody knows who the hell Faith Hill is. I spend most of the time yelling song titles and then referencing my husband, Tim McGraw, who I then also realize I don’t actually know personally.

One of the funniest parts about this dream is I was having some successful prophetic dreams every night this week, right up until this one. I’ve been doing a new brain wave sound meditation exercise with an alpha/theta wave track that I think is affecting my dreams.  This week, I had dreams that warned me of encounters I would have, heightening the emotions and stakes, so that I would know in my waking day how to tread when I encountered these situations.  Both times, I kept a tight rein on myself and played the situation calmly and rationally, when I might have made a mistake if I hadn’t been warned.

In all seriousness, the dreams resulting from this new meditation have been sharper, clearer, more memorable.  Our dreams are the first spiritual experience most of us have.  Your body lets go and your soul is free to commune with its higher self and the guardians from beyond.  If you can begin to harness your dreams, this is the first ticket to opening yourself up spiritually.

Meditation itself is something like a waking dream.  When I do a psychic reading and I really need to dig deep to communicate with someone on the Other Side, I have to go to a place inside where it feels like I am on the cusp of falling asleep.  I think this is what some mediums call a trance, but it doesn’t look crazy.  It just looks like my eyes are closed and I’m being still. I learned how to find that stillness through regular meditation, and sometimes, to be honest, IRREGULAR meditation.  All that matters is that you put your heart and soul into it and do it as much and as well as you can.

THIS dream better not be prophetic, though.  I love elephants, I’d be both literally and figuratively crushed if that happened. The truth is, it probably is prophetic, in a different way than the others.

For me, the elephant typically represents the idea of being a gentle giant, and the spirit of the Hindu deity Ganesh. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and the bringer of success. He will create a path for you where previously none was possible. Is it any coincidence then that, as I build my business and my blog, I have this dream about being a famous woman who nobody recognizes, being chased by the God of success, scattering children in his wake?  It’s almost laughable how dead on this seemingly ridiculous dream is. I am running away from my own success, assuming I already know what I’m doing. I apparently also have some fears that success at what I want to do will crush me, so I better learn how to harness it. And apparently my subconscious is also pissed that i am not famous yet. What can I tell you, it’s not my rational mind watching this movie, it’s my lizard brain!

In my heart, I am already doing what many well-known mediums and spiritual figures claim to do (some are authentic, from what I can ascertain, many are not). I am living a genuine spiritual life, warts and all, and reaching out to connect with others on my path. I want to bring the messages I have learned from the Other Side to other humans here who want to know them. More importantly, I want to give others this gift of knowing their spiritual selves, knowing their guardians, coming into contact with life beyond organic life.

Once upon a time in the past, I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it any further in life. I was depressed to a point of exhaustion and didn’t want to keep trying. All of that shifted and changed, an inch at a time. I started by saying SCREW THIS SHIT and reading everything I could get my hands on about spirituality (reading has always been my savior, my happy place, my comfort zone). Ultimately, a friend posted an article from the New Yorker (to this day, she doesn’t know what impact she had, I’ve never told her) titled Jumpers about people who had leaped from the Golden Gate Bridge.  One man, named Ken Baldwin, survived, and his tale changed my life.

From Jumpers:

“I wanted to disappear,” he said. “So the Golden Gate was the spot. I’d heard that the water just sweeps you under.” On the bridge, Baldwin counted to ten and stayed frozen. He counted to ten again, then vaulted over. “I still see my hands coming off the railing,” he said. As he crossed the chord in flight, Baldwin recalls, “I instantly realized that everything in my life that I’d thought was unfixable was totally fixable—except for having just jumped.”

As I write this, a song by the Avett Brothers titled “Swept Away” plays, and tears run down my cheeks:

Well you send my life a whirling
Darling when you’re twirling
On the floor
Who cares about tomorrow?
What more is tomorrow?
Than another day.

When you swept me away

I see the end of the rainbow
But what more is a rainbow
Than colors out of reach
If you come down to my window
And I climb out my window
Then we’ll get out of reach

Then you swept me away
Yeah you swept me away

You said with such honest feeling
But what’d you really mean
When you said that I’m your man
Well how my darling can it be
When you have never seen me
And you never will again

That you swept me away
Yeah you swept me away

Life is ever changing but I will always
find a constant and comfort in your love
With your heart my soul is bound
And as we dance I know that heaven can be found

Well you send my life a whirling
Darling when you’re twirling
On the floor
Who cares about tomorrow?
What more is tomorrow?
Than another day.

When you swept me away
Yeah you swept me away
Yeah you swept me away

The energy of Ganesh is the sweeping energy of change. He will move through a path and change it utterly for you. He is a natural force to be reckoned with, and the one thing he promises is utter transformation.

Ken Baldwin may have been swept away for a bit, but he survived the jump. As he danced over that chord and spun through the air, he suddenly knew in an instant how heaven could be found. Heaven is peace. Heaven is certainty. Heaven is hope. Heaven is faith in the face of change.

In essence, the old Ken Baldwin was swept away that day and a new one took his place. I don’t know where he is today or what happened to him since 2003, but in my heart, he took that plunge for me and for so many others, by telling that story of his to that reporter (Tad Friend, I don’t know you, but thank you). I hope some day I can talk to a room full of people looking for hope and infuse them with this same feeling. How powerful is that: to know that on his way out, he saw the solutions for all of his problems in a flash, and they were all fixable.

My old self was swept away, too, and she’s slowly being replaced by someone more resilient and, I think, wiser. I’d like to grow more gentle and joyful, but I am grateful to accept this new woman as my identity.  She knows more than she says, and she’s wild and tougher than she used to be.  I may have a new self-esteem burgeoning of my own design, but I also am working to stay humble. Lord knows I’ve humbled myself enough to stay real.

“Swept Away” was followed by “Make You Feel My Love.”  I hear you, Spirit.  I think many people, my former self included, don’t realize that the guardians from beyond are right there waiting for us to notice. They want to drive us forward in our quests. They want to make us happy and help us. Yes, we have a contract with our higher selves to DO IT OURSELVES, this is true, but not without help. Trust me, they can make you happy, make your dreams come true, and they would go to the ends of the Earth for you. It just takes some work.

I hear the winds of change coming back around for me, and for once, I think I’m actually prepared to ride them and not just be swept away. As Spirit tells me here, the storms raging down the highway of regret are bringing the winds of change. I ain’t seen nothing like this yet, and I’m ready to further embrace Heavenly love.

The storms are raging on the rolling sea
And on the highway of regret.
The winds of change are blowing wild and free,
You ain’t seen nothing like me yet.

I could make you happy, make your dreams come true.
Nothing that I wouldn’t do.
Go to the ends of the Earth for you,
To make you feel my love.

Thank you for the dream, Ganesh, and for the laughs. Thank you for the change and for the love. I will go to the ends of the Earth for you and the rest of Heaven, too.

In love and light,


Weekly Reiki Share Event

Hello, Soul Unfolders! 

If you are local to the Syracuse, NY area, please join us for an hour of healing and spiritual messages on Tuesday, Jan. 24 (every Tuesday night) at 6:30 pm. $10 suggested donations are welcome, previous Reiki attunement is not required. The event is held weekly at Willow Health and Wellness Center on Belgium Road (Route 31) in Baldwinsville.

With our first weekly Reiki share on the books (12 attendees, many beautiful messages shared), it’s time to take the next step on our journey together.

In the coming months I will be hosting new events, including a Discover Your Intuitive Abilities circle, a spiritual book club and the first Unfold Your Soul: Find Your Purpose session. Keep your eye on this page for further details and please let me know if any of these sound intriguing to you.  I will also be adding a section to my page for online readings, readings by Skype and monthly subscriptions, for those of you who are far away.

Some of you may remember that I’m also working on a book: well, that’s still true and if all current progress continues, my first ebook will be available within the year (God willing). 

I’m currently scouting opportunities to deliver a presentation I created about what it means to “be psychic” titled “How Psychic Are You? Unfolding Your True Connection to the Other Side,” so if anyone knows of a group needing a speaker on such a topic, I just might be your girl. If I don’t find a way to deliver it to a group, I’ll use my new webcam and post a vid here and on YouTube.

Here is the info on the weekly Reiki Share event: 

Experience the healing energy of Reiki and spiritual messages from beyond with an experienced level III Reiki master. Feel tension and worry melt peacefully away and receive a one-card reading before the session and messages from a gifted psychic during your time on the table. In turn, witness how to deliver the healing power of Reiki and determine whether the practice is right for your individual journey. During a group Reiki share, each person receives time on the table, in which stagnant energy is moved through their major chakras to be replaced by healing energy from the group. Reiki is known for bringing peace to participants and opening up the pathways to increased intuition.

In love and light,


Fibonacci: The Tipping Point of Life

“. . . when anything reaches its maximum potential, it turns toward its opposite.”
–(translation of a principle stated in the i ching.)

On one beautiful fall morning in 2013, as I waited at a stoplight, I was considering how I had been feeling powerless of late and was reasoning my way out of it.  Simultaneously, I was contemplating a tree that had partially turned a remarkable shade of burgundy, yet was still green in other sections.  This gorgeous development of nature struck me as a seeming impossibility.

That is when the cure to the powerless feelings presented itself.  It is in part because the tree was able to be essentially in two states at once—both verdant and fresh, yet also turning toward the demise of its foliage.  This tree reminded me of one of the most basic tenets of the physical universe in which we currently reside.

Newton’s third law states that for every action, there is an equal, but opposite reaction.  Forces happen in pairs, and action-reaction pairs make it possible for us and other life forms to navigate the planet.  Fish swim because of action-reaction force pairs, birds fly because of them, and  we breathe because of them.  We exist in a world based on action and reaction—you throw a rock, you get a splash.  So why would I—or any other anxiety sufferer—be such a special, uniquely cursed being that I was unable to accomplish anything if I tried?  In what universe does that make any sense?

This tree taught me more about how to handle feelings of powerlessness than I had learned through many years of schooling and several therapy sessions.  Nobody is ultimately powerless.  This world was created and evolved over time to become a place where virtually anyone or anything can make their force known.  If you try, and you are patient and you stay committed, you will get a result.

That tree taught me about more than just Newton’s Third Law.  Like the popular story that claims Newton learned about gravity from an apple that hit him on the head, this particular tree’s beauty opened up a world of insight while I drove.  I was compelled that day to refresh my memory and research which factors provoke a tree to change color in the fall.  As one would expect, a tree does turn colors every year because a specific set of factors line up to produce a predictable result.  Plants turn carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and sugar in a process called photosynthesis.  Breaking this word down, we get the words “photo”—light—and “synthesis”—combination.

Essentially, the word photosynthesis means “combining with light.” As winter moves in, trees no longer have the water or light they require to make their food.  The tree I saw had essentially begun to hibernate, and his green chlorophyll was disappearing from his leaves, because there was not enough light or water for him to exist as he had previously.  This tree was doing exactly what I was at that point in my life—he was going into hibernation from lack of light.

One day, several months ago, I thought of that tree again, as I was considering the concept of the tipping point and how cycles perpetuate through a series of rise, tip, fall, repeat. All of the media I came in contact that day seemed to blend one into the other in a stream of meaning, until I realized that the Universe was trying to tell me something.

I started reading about the Fibonacci Sequence and the concept of maximum potential. Have you heard of the Fibonacci Sequence?  It’s basically a mathematical roadmap to thriving and dying on Planet Earth.   The Fibonacci Sequence is a series of numbers in which a number is identified by adding up the two numbers before it.

As the synchronicities built that day, I began to do some research.  I encountered an article about how market crashes can be predicted using Fibonacci number levels, and I considered the idea that heads of corporations expect failures along with losses, to build an empire, sell it, and begin anew.

Deceptively simple, the Fibonacci sequence is found throughout nature, designating the method, for example, by which plants arrange their petals  to maximize their potential for receiving nutrients. According to the website,

Fibonacci numbers do actually appear in nature, from sunflowers to hurricanes to galaxies. Sunflowers’ seeds, for example, are arranged in a Fibonacci spiral, keeping the seeds uniformly distributed no matter how large the seed head may be.

One of the most significant formulas associated with the Fibonacci sequence is Phi, or “The Golden Number”:  ~1.618.  The DNA molecule, that which dictates how life itself unfolds, is based on the golden section (

On that day of synchronicity, when I was thinking about rising and falling, cycles and Fibonacci’s magical digits, I pulled a card of the day from my Enchanted Map deck that I at first did not link to the idea permeating my consciousness:


This is the Bone Collector card from Colette Baron Reid’s Enchanted Map Oracle deck, which I highly recommend.  On the back, the card offers plenty of wisdom, but the statement that clicked into place for me was:

Anything is possible. With awareness, the wounds of the past need not define you.

The wounds of the past need not define you. Of course the wounds of the past need not define you. Because life is change.  Life is based on a sequence of numbers that constantly marches forward, there is no stopping it.  There is no stopping the rise and fall.

Are you at your lowest point right now?  Get ready, because that means you are about to be at the tipping point to move your way to the top.  Are you on top of the world, nothing can stop you?  Just stay humble and know that if you are not innovating, if you are not welcoming each day and what it brings and adapting to that, you are stagnating.

The bottom of the darkness well is a powerful place, because the potential for growth is maximized and the wheel of the Universe is ready to turn.  You have nowhere to go but up, you are a tree in hibernation preparing for his time in the sun.  The top of the mountain is a dangerous, but exhilarating place, where you can stay but for a moment–but it teaches you the path and you will well be on your way once again after descending.

One of my favorite meditations is with a card from a “Meditations” app I use on my phone.  The card is a blue and brown (water and sand) yin/yang symbol, and the first time I meditated with it, I witnessed a Universal truth come to life in front of me. As I drifted into the meditation, I focused on the line of the symbol where the blue and brown met, and soon I could see water and sand instead of just colors. I could see the liminal threshold where water gives over to sand and vice versa, in a constantly moving cycle. I saw that change was what drove the sine wave at the center of the symbol forward, the differences between the water and the sand.

I saw the tipping point of life.  Every minute that passes is a tipping point, has us on the edge of that sine wave, moving forward into the next incarnation.

There is a translation from the i Ching that sums up what I witnessed in that meditation:.

“. . . when anything reaches its maximum potential, it turns toward its opposite.”

The Fibonacci Sequence and the i Ching are sources of wisdom telling us that as we reach our maximum potential, we inevitably turn toward our opposite.  I also found a description in a book titled Fundamentals of Horticulture ( stating that leaf arrangements are designed in the pattern and numerical sequence known as the “Fibonacci sequence” in order to allow plants to photosynthesize to their “maximum potential.”

See what I’m getting at here?  There is a Universal truth at play in this concept.

“. . . when anything reaches its maximum potential, it turns toward its opposite.”

The Universe is driving plants toward their inevitable death and rebirth. We are being driven toward our inevitable deaths and rebirths.  The law of our world is reincarnation, to begin anew, to die and be reborn and die again, ad infinitum.

In any situation, it is love as the light toward which we bend and twist like the limbs of a tree.  It is love from which we hide for fear that wanting it too much again will cause us more pain.  It is love that ultimately drives every process, from murder and addiction to selfless sacrifice and joyous celebration.

The law of conservation of energy, at the foundation of our knowledge of physics, holds that in a closed system, the sum energy must be constant.  Energy, in our physical world, is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed.

Only. Do you feel the resonance when you put these pieces of wisdom together?  Our physical and spiritual worlds, they are one. Our souls are energy, just like our bodies. We are in a closed system, and we never die, we transform into spirit. We tip back into our spiritual state, then we descend once more into the human body, and we repeat.

As you connect with Spirit, you learn more about the lessons you set out to experience on Earth when you decided to come here with your soul group. Think of it as a college curriculum that you chose with the help of your advisers before you embarked.  You headed to Earth along with your classmates–your soul group–and you are doing your best to learn and excel.  There are extra-curricular activities along the way as well, but ultimately, all of it changes you, transforms you to another level of existence.  We come to Earth to deepen our spirits, to strengthen our connections, to remember what we are.  Earth is not the end game.  It is only the beginning of this current journey.

Redemption is such a grand, bombastic word for something that often comes to you soft and slow, creeping in small bursts of change and insight.  Redemption for us physical humans works in a similar way to the pattern of life evident all around us, because it is, at its core, evolution.  Webster’s dictionary defines redemption as “the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil,” “a thing that saves someone from error or evil” and “the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt.”

Redemption is having the opportunity to do it again, differently, as many times as your Spirit will have it.

Redemption can also take the form of release from a self-imposed prison. My redemption from depression came through working with spiritual guardians as well as the slow process of regaining control over my life. Redemption is like springtime for that tree that changed my perspective so utterly—it comes in increments, gently increasing the amount of light the tree takes in every day, inching the heat of the tree’s world up a bit with every day that winter fades back.  Redemption comes in small actions and changes and it ultimately requires patience.  You need to be willing to wait for winter to pass.

Like the tree, you cannot make winter pass faster, but you can be ready as soon as springtime starts again.  You can make small changes all throughout the winter, little adjustments to prepare for the springtime that you know is coming, because that is how our world works—in rises and falls, in ebbs and flows, like a sine wave, like a steady heartbeat.

In love and light,


It’s OK to Not Be 26

It has lately come to my attention that I am 36 years old.  The world, it would seem, would have me believe that I am older than that.

People love to remind women of their age. To warn us. To remind us of our place. So we don’t get ahead of ourselves by dreaming too much in near-to-middle age.

I have to admit, it still annoys me, because I like to see people step out of the common thinking space and consider new and refreshing ways of looking at the world.

I have a secret. I welcome 36.  I am 36.5, actually.  I am a Cancer, something else people often are disgusted by because of our bad reputation.

To use a recently somewhat-overused phrase:  I am leaning into 36.  I would not want to be 26 anymore, 26 was a bitch.  I didn’t know where I was going, who I was, what I actually wanted from the world.  I didn’t really know how to cherish life or those around me yet.

You need the natural beauty you have in your 20s. Some days, it is what keeps other people from ostracizing you completely as you make your way through a well-worn world.

I have a certain mature look at 36.  I had the same mature look at 13, so I really experienced what it was like to look like I was in my 20s when I was still a kid.  Weird, for sure.

I look more mature at 36 than I did at 26, sure, but I have bettered myself so much along the way that it is damn well worth it.

I am getting a grip on my life, and I am not letting go.

This does not mean I want 20-somethings to feel bad.  They have endless promise, natural beauty and the world’s admiration to bolster them.  I know they will be fine, they will be better than fine, they will be fantastic.

This is my love letter to my fellow older-than-26s. I see you, 45 and 55.  I will be you.

Better yet, I welcome you.

I don’t have it all figured out. I won’t in 10 years, either, because life is always changing.  That is a blessing. What I do have, though, is an ever-increasing awareness of something larger than myself making this world turn, throwing the dice.

I have a sense that both everything and nothing matters at the same time.  There is a meditation exercise I love to do, it’s one of my favorites–I imagine my current self sitting in a room with a chair on either side of me.  First, I look into the mirror before me, and I call my past self, 10 years ago, to walk through.  I tell her all of the things I think she would want to know, and I consider how much we have changed.

Then, I call my future self, 10 years from now, to step through and take the other chair.  She always has cool beads on her wrist, she is in excellent shape, and she kept our hair long and highlighted.  She looks at me like she knows what’s coming and she smiles.  She somehow looks both sad and happy at the same time.  She is someone I would trust, and she is everything I want to be.  She has more lines on her face than I do, and somewhere along the line we developed a tan, but she’s definitely me.  When I ask her what is her best advice, she often says “Be yourself.” It’s all she can say. I’m pretty sure that’s all I said to my past self when we would meet, years ago.

I have every opportunity to become that woman, and I look forward to it.  I am honored to have her in my future, my self in the present and that neurotic 26-year-old in my past (God Bless her, she made it this far).

To hold the concept of three selves in your mind at once is much like holding contradictory ideas in your mind simultaneously to achieve zen during meditation. It is like considering the idea that everything and nothing matters at the same time.  They are my three Fates, and they are my path to knowing peace.

They are everything, and they are nothing, at once.

In love and light,


So You Think You’re Psychic?: The Soul Unfold Checklist

Seated in front of a table, all 78 cards of my Rider-Waite deck spread in various formations in front of me, a wide-eyed client across from me, the statement that typically comes after all of the big life questions of health, finances, kids and romance is usually:

You know, I’ve been told that I’m a very intuitive person.  Can you see that in me?

The answer is always yes, because intuition is not a gift saved for the few.  Intuition is a muscle ready to be ripped and used and built up. Sure, some of us are born with that ability primed and ready to go, with just a few triggers necessary to make it shine.  It’s like this:  most people are born with the ability to learn tennis and play it to some degree of success.  However, not everyone is born to be a Serena or Venus Williams:  some talent is already pre-gifted, ready to be developed into star-quality abilities.

But with some work, almost anyone can play tennis well.  And with some work, nearly anyone can develop their intuition and learn to do what I do.  It’s all about how much dedication you want to devote to it.  Your life moves in the direction of what you prioritize: for the spiritually gifted, the river flows easiest in the direction of developing intuition to a supernatural degree.  For those of you not quite ready to tackle speaking to spirits who have passed on, or not interested in learning the language of Tarot forward and backward, intuition can still be developed to the level of giving you an edge in your daily lives.

Everyone comes to Earth to do soul work. We come to work out the snarls and kinks in our eternal spirits, to smooth our rough spots. We come here to unfold our souls, because only through trial and error, highs and lows, happiness and sadness in balance, can we have the opportunity to prove ourselves. Our existence at the source on the Other Side, when we are in full knowledge of divine love and not incarnated, does not permit us to make the decisions to become who we need to be.  We need this beautiful world, with all of its lessons, to effect change in our eternal selves.

Just as there is with anything on Earth, there is an easy way to unfold your soul and there is a hard way.  Neither is good or bad.  If you are here at, then you are looking to tackle it head on.  So let’s get started.

I present to you the Soul Unfold Checklist.  For all of you who have ever wondered if there is a process to developing your intuition, there is.  This is the one that works for me, and I hope it works for you just as well.

Here is the short list:

  1. Choose your divination tool
  2. Journal your spiritual experiences, dreams and readings
  3. Meditate daily
  4. Read all of the spiritual books you can get your hands on
  5. Be patient
  6. Learn Reiki
  7. Practice your divination art of choice and Reiki on your friends

And here is a slightly more detailed list, but still not all-encompassing:

  1. Test the tools of spiritual communication and divination available to you to determine what works for you.  Be disciplined:  do not use this method just to relieve anxieties or answer questions.  Use it to develop a relationship with your spirit guides.
    • If you are interested in using cards as your tool, I recommend purchasing a physical deck for practice in downtime.  I also recommend downloading a digital deck for your smartphone and/or tablet. Tarot Pro is an excellent app to teach you what Tarot cards mean to you. For those interested in working with the angels, which I highly recommend, Doreen Virtue’s angel decks, including the well-known Archangel Oracle Cards, have given me incredible insights over the years.
      • Decks I love to use when communicating with the Other Side (disclaimer:  I have not been asked in any way to promote these items, I genuinely enjoy working with them):
        • Tarot Pro by Nuclear Elements (digital)
        • The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards (John Holland, digital and physical)
        • Archangel Oracle Cards (Doreen Virtue, digital and physical)
        • The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards (Colette Baron-Reid, digital and physical)
        • Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards (Doreen Virtue, digital and physical)
    • Randomized music
      • I prefer Pandora or the Amazon music player.  Sometimes I will use Spotify. Pandora works the best because it will show you new music you have never heard, therefore new messages will come through from the Other Side.
      • Look up the lyrics, record them in your spirituality journal (see step 2). You will develop meanings for songs that the Other Side will pick up on and begin to use as message for you in the future.  This is also how card decks work:  you develop a system of meanings for the cards/songs/dice, whatever you have randomized, and your guides use that system to give you message when you reach out if it is appropriate.  They do reserve the right to not give you a message when necessary.
    • Books
      • I have been known to use books to a multitude of purposes, but they can be a top-notch divination tool if you respond to words over visuals, the way I do.
      • Ask your guides what their message of the day is for you, then allow the pages to flip past your thumb like you are looking at a cartoon flip book.  Stop when it feels right, point at the page and your message will be there under your finger.  Need more structure?  Tell your guides the 10th line down on the page you land on is where you will look for your message, before you flip.
    • Fortune cookies
      • Fortune cookies are one of my favorite methods of divination (Read my post Kaleidoscope  to see this in action). On the front of my bullet journal are two fortunes I hold dear that came to me a few days apart:

        Fate loves the fearless.

        Don’t be afraid of opposition; remember, a kite rises against the wind.

      • Don’t forget to ask your guides for a special message before opening the cookie.  If you want guidance for something specific, make sure you tell them what the topic is.
    • Runes
      • Runes are a symbolic tool of divination that I find to be rather matter-of-fact.  Their messages speak to me in a similar way to Tarot, only with the message purified down a bit more:  this project will offer many obstacles. The answer to your question about whether you should trust someone is Sol, the rune of sunshine, light and vitality. And so on.
    • Pinterest
      • Pinterest, you say?  Yes. Pinterest can be used from time to time as a divination tool, but you can only ask one question per search term and you have to be open to interpretation. I once asked what my next apartment would look like, and up came images of beautiful, small apartments with bookshelves.  Sure enough, I have a built-in bookshelf in my entryway currently.
      • Pinterest also makes an excellent visualization tool.  If you create a “Vision” board and revisit it often to feel what it would be like for those dreams to come true, you are doing your daily visualizations in a pleasurable and easy way.
    • There are many other forms of divination.  i Ching, tea leaf reading, pendulums and dice are a few that I am familiar with but do not use on a daily basis.
  2. Keep a journal. Record synchronicity, messages, meditation experiences and dreams.
    • Not sure what I mean by “synchronicity”?  Check out my blog posts The “Sines” of Change and Catalysis to read an example of finding message from the Other Side through random words or ideas occurring 3 times or more in one day.
    • Record your dreams every morning, immediately upon waking. Read over the journal as you progress and look for occurrences of premonition:  Seeing events before they occur. Even your weird dreams have meaning.  I do dream analysis often for my clients, and something as odd as seeing your boss covered in ants while you talk to her (a symbol that the relationship is “spoiled” or ruined beyond repair) can have meaning.
    • Any animal encounters that are particularly interesting can be messages from the spirit world.  Record your encounter and research the symbolism of the animal:  you will find within it a message.
    • Meditation is a powerful tool (see step 3) for building spirituality.  I would argue it is the most powerful tool in your spiritual kit for increasing intuition and achieving spiritual balance. I journal about my guided meditation experiences and have witnessed scenes as wild as a coy fish morphing into a dragon.  Having journaled my meditations means I can look back later and see how my meditation practice has evolved and what issues I worked through in the past.
    • Journaling is an incredibly valuable practice that never stops rewarding you. Looking back after years and seeing your subconscious speak to you and tell you how far you’ve come or what you have yet to change is worth the time it takes to write or type.
    • I began my spiritual journey through paying attention to my dreams. Through your dreams, you can begin to connect with your guardians, your own soul and your subconscious. I have even dreamed of “going to school” with people and beings I have never seen before.
    • Try asking a question or thinking of a problem you want to solve before going to sleep, then journaling about your dream and thought experiences upon waking.
  3. Meditate
    • Meditation is the practice that took me from a nube who occasionally intuited the unspoken truth to an experienced intuitive. Meditation is practice in listening to God. The tagline of this blog is “Learning to Listen: A Journey in Spirit” for this reason. I love using my randomized Meditations and Angel card apps to guide my meditation for the day, because it feels like my guides have a hand in helping me grow. I also love using the song Alpha to Theta by Lowell Brahms while I meditate, because if feels like it opens my mind up.
    • Set the Scene
      • Setting your meditation scene matters. My tub was my temple when i first started. I love meditating in the water with Epsom salts and lavender. It sharpens my visions and makes me feel purified like nothing else does.
    • Stilling your mind
      • Meditation will teach you over time to separate your random thoughts from message. During meditation, wait for the time that your random (I call them monkey thoughts) thoughts start to settle down.  Wait for the period of stillness that feels like zoning out to a cicada hum in the summertime.  Just beyond that stillness await messages from your guardians.  Don’t give up, your first message after the stillness is a miraculous occurrence.
  4. Read everything.
    • Read as many books about spirituality as you can.  Re-read the ones that speak to you the most. Take notes in your journal about what you want to explore and research those topics. This practice will tell you what your goals are and what abilities you are interested in developing.
  5. Be patient.  It takes time, but you will see signs all along the way. Ask your guides to show you a purple cow in 24 hours and by God, you will likely see a purple cow.  Just be open to the way in which your guides may fulfill your request.
  6. Learning Reiki from an authentic source who respects the process can speed up your spiritual growth.
    • Reiki launched me into the intuitive space and transformed me from an intuitive to an intuitive healer.  It was indispensable in my spiritual growth. To learn more about Reiki and its role in my journey, check out my blog post The Accidental Medium.
  7. Practice on your friends.
    • Whatever your tool of choice is, practice on your friends and record the results. They will love it and it will give you the feedback you need to grow.

In love and light,


If You Knew You Would Succeed…

If you knew you would succeed, what would you start? Pretend world peace is achieved and cancer is already cured.
Please feel free to post in the comments below. I will gladly leave a Reiki blessing for each one of your dreams.

To get you started, here are my dreams. Pray for me, I pray for you ❤️:

I would open a shelter for stray cats that also spays and neuters for free. 

I would lobby for legislation that prevents landlords from refusing to rent to tenants with pets.

I would publish Confluence and get a small business loan. I would travel, doing talks at motivational conferences, business retreats, psychic fairs and other appropriate venues to spread hope and motivate others to leave a positive impact on the world and to transform their lives.

I would open a metaphysical shop and do readings and sell other healing services and blessed goods. 

This is the stuff of my dreams 🙏.