Throwback Thursday

It’s no secret to readers who have visited before that I have been writing a book for oh….the last 14,000 years. Well, this old dream is finally coming true this summer—I have 14 chapters of a slim tome mostly compiled and ready for the ebook creator. I’ll tell you all about the creepy, cake-loving kid I was (please see this post’s featured image for evidence).

There are about 5 books behind this one waiting to be born and partially hatched, so you will see a flurry of activity here. The title has been changed, although the idea of Confluence and our souls’ mutual journey to Earth is still paramount.

As I finalize the book, I have been digging through some of my old content and preparing a social media plan to stay in touch with you more often. The book will largely be about my psychic development, which is a topic that clients quiz me about regularly:  “When did you first figure out you were a psychic?”

Well, if you are curious about this, then there is a book coming your way this summer (from me) that you should read—but as well, I once wrote a sophomoric little article about it titled “The Accidental Medium” (hint).

Also, basically I figured out I was weird early on and then my mom confirmed it when I was a teenager: “Erica, you were always a spooky kid.” My entire family can attest.

I hope I never stop being spooky.  Check out my article, and also check out this old-ass throwback photo of me as a spooky 20-year old with my very beautiful, very special mom. She’s spooky too.

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In love and light,