Hello, All. This blog is a public reflection of my daily spirituality journal. I am on a journey of spiritual discovery–soul unfoldment, if you will. I meditate daily and have made contact with my spirit guides. My main spirit guide is a nature spirit named Althea–I have experienced her name through clairaudience during a meditation taught to me at a free lecture. I will share this meditation with you on this blog as well as the many other meditations I do through the coming days and weeks. I hope that my discoveries influence you all to embark on spiritual journeys of your own. The most useful tools I have found are my phone and three applications on it–Doreen Virtue’s Archangels app, the Essential Meditations Deck app and the very simple-to-use Tarot app, and of course my physical Tarot cards (Rider-Waite deck). These tools help me communicate with my guides and steer me in the most fruitful directions as I learn about spirituality. Since I began this journey some months ago, I have witnessed a sharp increase in synchronicities and I believe have met several angels in my dreams. For these experiences, I am forever grateful.
In love and light, Erica.

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