Angel Soldier in the Sky

Want to know how the Other Side speaks to us? Something spooky and wonderful happened today.

I had paused in my car to say a prayer of thanks. I finished a really challenging HIIT class and didn’t throw up, stop, faint or die, so I thanked God (and my best friend for going with me). A song came on the music player at that moment, and it was called “Army of Angels.” I hadn’t heard it before, but here are some of the lyrics:

This world’s a war zone

But I’ve got a shield

And I won’t surrender

‘Cause your love feels

Like an army of angels

Through the flames and the fire I will go

‘Cause I know, yeah, I know that I’m not alone

Oh, what a beautiful sight

A hundred thousand soldiers in the sky whoa

I don’t need to worry tonight

With you by my side, yeah

Like an army of angels.

I was touched already…but as I pulled out of the parking lot, I turned and saw this image out of my right window. And I knew they were there. Heralded by one soldier outlined against a perfect blue sky.

May peace be with you all today.

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