Into Every Life Must Fall Some Rain

I learned the term “rainbow baby” last weekend in a touching, yet mind-blowing way.

A rainbow baby is a baby who enters the lives of a family directly after they experienced the loss of a previous child. The term refers to the sunshine coming after the rain of loss.

I was working a psychic party about 40 minutes from my home two weeks ago. It was a larger group–about 8 women. Still, it was an intimate setting around a dining room table.

I worked my way from reading to reading, channeling late mothers, grandmothers, fathers and other loved ones and giving life guidance. About six people in, I found myself across from a beautiful woman with dark hair and big brown eyes. I will call her Mary to protect her identity.

Something you all may not know about my process is that I draw as I channel Spirit. I write down initials, names and words and draw bizarre things that make sense only to the person being read and the Spirit working through me.

As I reached out to Mary’s spirits, I saw and wrote down a popular brand name with 2 arrows pointing at six letters at the center of the name. These same six letters are at the center of her late relative’s last name. Bingo. She started to tear up, and gripped my hand harder. I also establish a connection by holding one of the client’s hands while I sketch–it sounds awkward, but it solidifies the channel at the start.

As I prepared to move from validation into the guidance part of her reading, Mary stopped me with a heavy look.

“Has no one else come through?” she asked, as tears rested in her eyes.

I said “no ma’am, but if there is someone else you want to hear from, I will try.”

Mary told me she had lost a son. His name was Robert (also changed to protect identity). I centered myself and went quiet as I waited for Robert to step forward as his relatives had done.

Two minutes passed. Five minutes passed. Nothing. I started to sweat. Someone as important in a querent’s life as a child ALWAYS comes through.

I reached out to one of my spirit guides who was a priest when he lived on Earth.

“Joe, help me out, I can’t find this kid.”

Joe did his now-standard move and walked over to the stained glass window, pulling back the curtains.

And then I started to draw. In a flash, I saw a baby wrapped in a blue blanket, but he had wings, and I immediately understood that Robert had reincarnated. The last thing I drew was the letter “D” (changed for anonymity, but it was correct in the reading).

The room had been silent while I worked, so Mary’s cry cut through the air.


And the rest of the information hit me from Joe. Robert died in the car crash before he was born. He went back to the Other Side while Mary mourned his loss. Ten months later, Mary gave birth to a rainbow baby: her beloved current son, David. Robert and David are the same spirit. Mary’s son returned to be by her side, where he is to this day–I have had the great pleasure of meeting him, and he is a sweetheart.

Tears streamed down Mary’s bewildered face as she whispered to me, “This has brought me such peace.” Tissues were handed out down the table as the other women dabbed at their own tears. I was openly crying as Mary’s emotions rolled through me.

Mary’s story is just one of many I am blessed to experience as I meet people and hone my skills. I was incredibly touched to learn of her very special rainbow baby. I am so grateful for the growth I have experienced in this gift and so delighted to be able to share it here and with the people I meet.

In love and light–


Throwback Thursday

It’s no secret to readers who have visited before that I have been writing a book for oh….the last 14,000 years. Well, this old dream is finally coming true this summer—I have 14 chapters of a slim tome mostly compiled and ready for the ebook creator. I’ll tell you all about the creepy, cake-loving kid I was (please see this post’s featured image for evidence).

There are about 5 books behind this one waiting to be born and partially hatched, so you will see a flurry of activity here. The title has been changed, although the idea of Confluence and our souls’ mutual journey to Earth is still paramount.

As I finalize the book, I have been digging through some of my old content and preparing a social media plan to stay in touch with you more often. The book will largely be about my psychic development, which is a topic that clients quiz me about regularly:  “When did you first figure out you were a psychic?”

Well, if you are curious about this, then there is a book coming your way this summer (from me) that you should read—but as well, I once wrote a sophomoric little article about it titled “The Accidental Medium” (hint).

Also, basically I figured out I was weird early on and then my mom confirmed it when I was a teenager: “Erica, you were always a spooky kid.” My entire family can attest.

I hope I never stop being spooky.  Check out my article, and also check out this old-ass throwback photo of me as a spooky 20-year old with my very beautiful, very special mom. She’s spooky too.

Interested in a reading by Skype or e-mail? Contact Erica Lynn at for details: they’re not expensive!

In love and light,


The Modern Seance

Ever wonder what a psychic party is? I am invited to friends’ parties quite often to be the hostess’s psychic. It’s like one of those jewelry or Tupperware parties but half of the attendees are no longer living.

I will typically channel for the guests and read their Tarot, runes and Angel cards. There are always happy tears and often wine and cheese. It’s not really like the seances of old, where everyone’s faces were lit in the dark by candles and everyone’s hands are shaking while they watch a ouija board.

I recently had a hostess snap some photos of me and the attendees as I read them and we achieved some lovely spirit photography, with halos and shafts of light appearing around our third eyes as I worked with each lady present. It was a lovely event and I highly recommend it to anyone interested.

Would you like your own psychic Tarot reading? Email for details.

Daily Reading for 5/24/17

Happy Wednesday, Everyone, and much love to all of you.  Here is your daily reading for today.  Over the past few days, I have had some questions about the instructions I gave, so here are some clear steps to make  your daily reading work for you.  Please leave me feedback if you like the daily readings and I will continue them!

  1. Ask the Universe your question.  It can be anything, including asking for guidance, asking about how a situation will go. etc.
  2. Mentally pick the number that feels right to you from 1, 2 or 3.  There are 3 choices, so decide before clicking the link which number will hold your reading. This is what makes it random and allows Spirit to speak through me to you without human intervention.
  3. Click the link and read the guidance next to the number you chose.

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Reading of the Day for May 22, 2017

Welcome to your flash reading for May 22, 2017.  To gain insight into a question that has been bothering you or to receive guidance in a situation, send your thoughts about it out into the Universe and ask for your guides to provide you an answer through my reading.  Another way to use my flash readings is to ask a question, even something as simple as “how will my meeting go today?”

After posing your question to the Universe, mentally select the number 1, 2, or 3, and click on the link below.  The message next to the selected number will be the answer to your question.  Give it a try, you’ll be amazed by the results.  Please check back daily for 24/7 insights into your life:

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