Freaky Friday: Demon in the Sheets

Freaky Friday: Demon in the Sheets

Every Friday I will be sharing with you my stories of the paranormal: yes, I’ve seen a lot of spooky shit, that’s not a surprise, I’m sure.

People love to tell and hear stories of the paranormal. It can be in the middle of a posh dinner party or around a campfire–but the second the tones get hushed and people start sharing the crazy, otherworldly phenomena they’ve experienced, the bonding begins. It’s a bond over our shared experience as humans against the wild Unknown.

One of my spookiest stories happened when I was just starting out as a medium and hadn’t really come to terms with the gift yet. My friend and I were upstairs at my house, watching Family Guy on my upstairs TV in the bedroom. My then-husband was downstairs playing a game on the main TV. We were watching the show, and laughing and having fun.

At some point, we must have nodded off. It still seems strange to me, because I remembered going directly from having a great time to waking up, no falling asleep in between.

Both of the bedroom lamps were on, so it was not dark. This is a key fact.

When I awoke, I saw something that immediately made me start screaming. Wrapped around my friend’s back was a horrifying figure that looked burned, and had a smile that literally stretched ear to ear.

My friend was staring right at it and also screaming. We saw the same figure that night.

We bolted downstairs, confirmed what we both saw, and slept on the couches for the night. I learned about saging that week and accidentally cleared all of our ancestors out of the house with one powerful sweep of prayer and sage. It was eerily quiet for a week until I learned to invite them back in.

To this day, I try not to think about that night. There are other energies that walk with us on this Earth. Some are clothed in light, some are cloaked in shadow. It is a Universe of duality, of binaries, of magnetic physical push and pull.

There is no question that occasionally, something shadowy this way comes. Spiritual cleaning and protections are a must.

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Throwback Thursday

It’s no secret to readers who have visited before that I have been writing a book for oh….the last 14,000 years. Well, this old dream is finally coming true this summer—I have 14 chapters of a slim tome mostly compiled and ready for the ebook creator. I’ll tell you all about the creepy, cake-loving kid I was (please see this post’s featured image for evidence).

There are about 5 books behind this one waiting to be born and partially hatched, so you will see a flurry of activity here. The title has been changed, although the idea of Confluence and our souls’ mutual journey to Earth is still paramount.

As I finalize the book, I have been digging through some of my old content and preparing a social media plan to stay in touch with you more often. The book will largely be about my psychic development, which is a topic that clients quiz me about regularly:  “When did you first figure out you were a psychic?”

Well, if you are curious about this, then there is a book coming your way this summer (from me) that you should read—but as well, I once wrote a sophomoric little article about it titled “The Accidental Medium” (hint).

Also, basically I figured out I was weird early on and then my mom confirmed it when I was a teenager: “Erica, you were always a spooky kid.” My entire family can attest.

I hope I never stop being spooky.  Check out my article, and also check out this old-ass throwback photo of me as a spooky 20-year old with my very beautiful, very special mom. She’s spooky too.

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The Modern Seance

Ever wonder what a psychic party is? I am invited to friends’ parties quite often to be the hostess’s psychic. It’s like one of those jewelry or Tupperware parties but half of the attendees are no longer living.

I will typically channel for the guests and read their Tarot, runes and Angel cards. There are always happy tears and often wine and cheese. It’s not really like the seances of old, where everyone’s faces were lit in the dark by candles and everyone’s hands are shaking while they watch a ouija board.

I recently had a hostess snap some photos of me and the attendees as I read them and we achieved some lovely spirit photography, with halos and shafts of light appearing around our third eyes as I worked with each lady present. It was a lovely event and I highly recommend it to anyone interested.

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