Mise en Place: the True Secret to the Law of Attraction

Need a card today? Lately I’ve been using an old Angel oracle deck that I love. This card I love in particular because a) the message is outstanding, reminding us to put positive energy into our lives and see it returned, and b) because of the beautiful little animals all over it. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, I always like to tell my more skeptical clients “throw a rock, you hear a splash.”

The Law of Attraction is really about setting the stage in your life for the good things to happen, making a plan, putting your energy toward your goals as much as possible, and the universe standing in your corner, ready to assist.

The French have a phrase for having all of your ingredients ready when you’re cooking: mise en place, which essentially means you have everything organized before you start cooking: it’s prep!

For me, this is how the Law of Attraction works. You prep your body and your soul and let the Universe work its magic from there. #miseenplace #lawofattraction #angeloraclecards #psychicmedium #dailytarot

Tarot: The Tower and Power of Failure

image demonstrating balance in tarot and rune readings

The Tarot card and message for today is The Tower. From the major arcana, The Tower has a notorious reputation for heralding destruction and the breaking apart of existing structures.

In other words: change. If I had a dollar for every time someone has told me “I hate change”, I would be writing this from Bali instead of my living room at midnight. LOL!

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, The Tower depicts people being thrown from the top of a tall structure. Many psychics likely encountered this symbol in the days before 9/11. Its energy is explosive, life-changing and inalterable.

The Tower also shows a change from being up in the air to down on the ground in pieces. It represents the concept of hitting rock bottom.

And you know what? It’s inevitable. Everything changes. As in most things, there is a blessing within The Tower for each person, individually. You may have fallen from the highest level, but here you are, down at the bottom, looking up, surviving.

Here you are, standing on stable ground instead of a shaky, crumbling, haunted structure. Now you choose how to climb out and rebuild.

Look for the ladder–it’s right in front of you.

What did that make you picture? That’s your ladder. Grab it and climb.

In love and light,


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image demonstrating balance in tarot and rune readings

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