Tarot and Rune Meanings

I am working on a dictionary of Tarot meanings. This will eventually be complete.  Please note that reversals of cards indicate (for me, anyway) a complication with the energy involved–however, there are some exceptions.  Tarot is a language, and just as there are exceptions within languages, so there are within Tarot.

Minor Arcana:

10 of Cups, Reversed: The answer to your question involves difficulties with home life, or complications with achieving the happily ever after you are seeking.

5 of Pentacles:  This answer brings the feeling of being left out in the cold. Do not fear, for this Is the Universe’s way of steering you to new paths that suit your journey.  Often a card of the recently grieving, this card can bring solace when the opportunity for new direction is observed. Our loved ones are never far and when they cross over, they become our guides. When not applied to grief or illness, this card can indicate rejection—but again, remember that rejection is just a way for the Universe to steer you down a path more suited for the lessons your higher soul is looking to learn.

7 of Pentacles:  There will be a return on an investment in your inquiry, whether it is an investment of your time, finances or something else.

4 of Swords:  There is a need for rest, relaxation and a timeout in your inquiry. If your question is about someone being at peace, the answer is “yes.” This is the card of peaceful rest and gentle sleep.

7 of Swords:  There is treachery or deceit involved in your inquiry. If your question concerns whether you should do something, remember the importance of honesty and being true to yourself and others. If your question involves the behavior of others, know there is likely someone not telling you the truth.

8 of Swords:  The only thing stopping you or the person you are inquiring about is fear. The seeming obstacles can be overcome if you/they see past the fear and remove the blindfold.

6 of Wands:  There is a promotion or some other type of victory, success and being lauded by your peers in the works.

7 of Wands:  In this matter, you must stand your ground, as there is competition all around you. This can also refer to someone in your life who feels as though they are competing for your attention.

7 of Wands Reversed: There are many times in life during which we need to stand our ground. If you have asked the Universe a question about a conflict in your life, the answer is not to hold your position right now.  Be willing to listen and compromise.  If your question is about the actions of another, it is likely they are willing to compromise despite previous stubborn behavior.

Major Arcana:

Chariot Reversed:  This matter is not moving forward properly. Either the situation is out of control and the horse and cart are overturned, or it is stagnating and unlikely to work out.

Hierophant:  Adhere to the principles of the higher order in this situation.  If you are asking about another person, they are likely someone with traditional values who offers allegiance to a higher authority and walks the line of regulations and “how it should be done.”

Justice: Justice is the card of balance. Just as Osiris weighs the goddess of truth against the heart in Egyptian lore, so does this card portend balance in the situation about which you inquire. There will be fairness in this situation.

Tower:  An important structure in your life is likely to topple, bringing forth ground-clearing change. Change is likely coming in this situation and everyone will be better for it.

Rune Meanings

Eihwaz: Obstacles, minor hardships. There will be hurdles to overcome in this situation, but it is not impossible.

Isaz: Now is not the time to push your luck. This is a time for slow movement and a deep freeze. Allow the situation to thaw before moving forward.

Sol: Sun. This is a card of warm energy, vitality and good tidings. It is a positive indicator in a reading.

Tarot/Rune Combination Meanings

7 of Wands/Eihwaz: This is a situation in which you will likely face annoying obstacles. The key here is to not back down—you must stand your ground in order to achieve your heart’s true aims. Remember that you have a spiritual army behind you in your endeavors—you are never truly alone.

Justice/Sol: Justice will triumph in your favor in this situation. Justice is the card of balance. Just as Osiris weighs the goddess of truth against the heart in Egyptian lore, so does this card portend balance in the situation about which you inquire. There will be fairness and there will be light in the situation. Life will continue again, strong and vital.

Tower/Isaz: Now is not the time to take fast action. Let the situation sit for a bit and focus on clearing your energy and your physical space—make room for new life to come in. This is a precarious situation and a time for things to move in slow motion. If you try to move too quickly, everything will topple over. If this potential destruction does happen, however, change is always refreshing and will bring new beginnings.

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Tarot Combination Meanings


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