Synchronicity and Signs – What it Means When You See 11:11


What is Synchronicity and What Does it Mean Spiritually When You See It?

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Synchronicity for most people is experienced as an uncanny feeling surrounding a coincidence or recurring event. An example would be something that happens to me often when I listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Psychologist Carl Jung introduced the phrase in his work as well.

I will hear something very specific, such as the name Eileen, in my audiobook at the beginning of the day. In an entirely unrelated podcast at the end of the day, the name Eileen will recur prominently. This is an oversimplified version of what typically happens. I’ll share with you in future posts some of the crazy synchronicities I experience on a daily basis.

Synchronicity is how I know the Universe is vibing with me. It’s the Universe looking for my attention, like a playful kitty (sometimes playful, sometimes more like a lion). Synchronicity shows up sometimes as as a reminder to listen to your intuition. That small, still voice inside that always tells me to do things before I know I need to do them. Learning how to listen to that voice: priceless. It will save you a lot of headaches, but that’s for another day.

Why Do I Post About Hearts in the Wild?

Why is it that I post about Hearts in the Wild so much? What am I trying to tell you when I do this? Is it just something cute I like to do? Well, sometimes, yes. But there’s a much larger and more intriguing reason for #heartsinthewild.

When I am going about my day, I will see a heart come into focus in some unexpected place. The heart always becomes visible as I stare at something that has caught my eye. It will act like a magic 8-ball answer swimming up from the depths, or a magic eye poster. Remember those, 80s and 90s kids? This message grounds me, brings me back home, reminds me I’m not alone in the universe.

Who Sends Me Hearts in the Wild?

Hearts in the Wild come from our spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over. They also come from the loving universe in general, of which we are a part.

What Does It Mean When You See an Increase in Synchronicity?

I have seen my students’ search for meaning sometimes almost drive them mad. They especially are frustrated when they see a reurrence of certain numbers, such as 11:11. WHY AM I SEEING 11:11 ALL THE TIME? IS SOMETHING BIG GOING TO HAPPEN? WILL I MARRY THE PRESIDENT? AM I DOOMED?

These messages are exciting, but typically they aren’t a DEF CON 5 warning. It’s the Other Side and the energetic Universe rallying around you. The Other Side is excited that you’re noticing them, and that you’re aligning with the overarching energetic field around you.

What is Soul Syncing?

There’s this little thing I like to call Soul Syncing. Soul Syncing is-something I have not really told you all about yet, because I didn’t know what I wanted to call it until recently.

I am flying around holding onto the seat of my pants just like the rest of you. I am letting you witness the glory of my dumbassery. It’s ok. Vulnerability is where authenticity begins, so here we are.

Soul Syncing is when your soul starts to vibrate at a higher frequency, and you become like a tuning fork. As your energy aligns with the greater energetic field around you, you change. You start to bring messages in from the Universe, and experience greater levels of spiritual understanding and healing than ever before. Some call it the unfurling of the Kundalini, the movement of the Chi, an ascendance to Zen. I call it Soul Syncing, and it’s something everyone has the right and ability to experience.

How Do I Experience Soul Syncing?

Pay attention to your life. We go through life unaware of the incredible miracle of our physical and spiritual universe. Sometimes we just have to put one foot in front of the other to survive. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Paying attention is free. Being mindful is free and it adds value to your emotional and physical health.

Start with a Synchronicity and Dreams Journal

To do it yourself, I would suggest starting with a  synchronicity and dreams journal. I keep mine on my phone in the Notes app. It is a quick-access, easy way to record notes and it’s often by your side. In the old days, I used to keep a small moleskine notebook for the same purpose (no affiliation, not a product placement, I just love these notebooks). If you prefer analog, go that route.

Nothing is too small to note and write down. Typically you will look for incidents of 3. A good rule of thumb is encountering something 2x is typically a coincidence, but 3 times is a statistical significance, unless what you encounter 2x is highly unusual.

What Should You Look for?

Recently, I had a client who saw a large bird sitting calmly on a sign. It just so happened she was on her way to her Psychic Reiki appointment with me. She noted the bird and thought it was strange, but did not know what it meant. During her reading, her mother, who has crossed over to the other side, gave me her first initial and a flower that was significant to them, and told me she passed when my client was 12, then showed me that she sends her birds (usually blackbirds). Sure enough, she had been seeing odd bird behavior more than just that day and more than she realized, but chalked it up to nature being uncanny. It was the Universe and her mom sending her a supportive message from beyond.

While your Soul Syncing adventures may not involve the dead (or possibly they will, you never know), you can still communicate with your guides in the light by paying attention to these odd happenings and jotting them down. Jotting down a few notes about any dreams that you remember is also a great idea. Dream recall is an acquired skill: the more you try, the better you get at it. Dreams are incredibly important to our spiritual advancement because that is when our logical mind is at rest and Spirit gathers round us the most. It is the perfect time to hear the songs of the Universe that are meant for you.

Want to Learn More About Psychic Development?

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