Death and Taxes

Hello Everyone–

I wrote this this morning but just realized I forgot to hit Publish.  Today’s cards are Death and the 9 of Pentacles.  The Death card traditionally represents utter transformation, and as an event, it is a ground-clearing, totally new beginning kind of event.  As a card of the day, it is likely to represent the overarching theme of my day, which the previous 2 cards of the days have also done.  Hence, I can expect the theme of my day to be Transformation.  My thoughts will be on transformation, my interactions will be about transformation, my encounters will be about transformation.  Ever heard of synchronicity?  That is what I am seeing come into full effect as I work on this Tarot journal, the cards are revealing the underpinnings of the Universe as my divine plan unfolds, and I experience a richer understanding of it through communicating with Spirit. You can do this, too (I reveal a new way how in every post).

Our clarifier is the 9 of Pentacles.  She is one of my favorite cards, because she is an independent, sophisticated woman who exercises a gentle sort of control over her environment.  I know her–she is the woman I have been cultivating as “future me” in my mind (and on my secret Pinterest board, God Bless It) for some time, so I am happy to see her today.  I think she might be heralding how excited I am to be wearing my first Gwynnie Bee wardrobe rental outfit-stay tuned later to see my outfit and my review of my first GB shipment, if you’re also style-curious.  I will also fill you in on how the day went and how the cards aligned–see you then!

Love always,


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