The Day of Fashionable Women

Hello Everyone,

The cards did not disappoint again today. I was met with 3 impromptu conversations about Transformation and 3 fashionable, strong women talking about change–Death and the 9 of Pentacles made a fabulous pair today.

As the third fashionable lady said the word “Transformation” to me this afternoon, I was struck by the delight of working with my cards in this new project and journaling about it.

All 3 of the 9 of Pentacles ladies today spoke of the need for a change (different kinds of changes for all three!) and, through them, I watched Spirit speak to me, through Synchronicity. As Spirit brings themes into our lives, we need to pay attention. This week so far, you have witnessed me read the following manuscript as it played out in my life, highlighted by Tarot:

Wednesday:  Creative endeavors, the girl on fire–the beginning of something new, creative and exciting.

Thursday:  Heartbreak, Tarot as a counseling tool and a way to help others heal.

Friday: Synchronicity–Transformation, Spirit reminding me they are working through all of us.

A creative beginning.
A focus on healing and counseling.

Anybody else see a big, fat message here? I do. Spirit says I’m ready for more change and I’m entering a time of change.

I hope you are all enjoying this series–I love you and I’m happy to be walking this path with you by my side.

Love always,


PS this was my first Gwynnie Bee outfit:


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