If You Knew You Would Succeed…

If you knew you would succeed, what would you start? Pretend world peace is achieved and cancer is already cured.
Please feel free to post in the comments below. I will gladly leave a Reiki blessing for each one of your dreams.

To get you started, here are my dreams. Pray for me, I pray for you ❤️:

I would open a shelter for stray cats that also spays and neuters for free. 

I would lobby for legislation that prevents landlords from refusing to rent to tenants with pets.

I would publish Confluence and get a small business loan. I would travel, doing talks at motivational conferences, business retreats, psychic fairs and other appropriate venues to spread hope and motivate others to leave a positive impact on the world and to transform their lives.

I would open a metaphysical shop and do readings and sell other healing services and blessed goods. 

This is the stuff of my dreams 🙏.

2 thoughts on “If You Knew You Would Succeed…

  1. I would change the education system so ALL children are educated properly and according to their learning abilities. Many people have learning disabilities that are not diagnosed. I would make sure there is a place in all schools for people with severe disabilities to be integrated with others. I would take the money from the union and the people in Albany and use it for additional teachers instead of management. People don’t realize that many people have disabilities that you don’t see and not all learning techniques work for all students. I would also have classes for parenting when children start school. Let the parents know what is expected of them… If more people were educated there would be less poverty.

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