Weekly Reiki Share Event

Hello, Soul Unfolders! 

If you are local to the Syracuse, NY area, please join us for an hour of healing and spiritual messages on Tuesday, Jan. 24 (every Tuesday night) at 6:30 pm. $10 suggested donations are welcome, previous Reiki attunement is not required. The event is held weekly at Willow Health and Wellness Center on Belgium Road (Route 31) in Baldwinsville.

With our first weekly Reiki share on the books (12 attendees, many beautiful messages shared), it’s time to take the next step on our journey together.

In the coming months I will be hosting new events, including a Discover Your Intuitive Abilities circle, a spiritual book club and the first Unfold Your Soul: Find Your Purpose session. Keep your eye on this page for further details and please let me know if any of these sound intriguing to you.  I will also be adding a section to my page for online readings, readings by Skype and monthly subscriptions, for those of you who are far away.

Some of you may remember that I’m also working on a book: well, that’s still true and if all current progress continues, my first ebook will be available within the year (God willing). 

I’m currently scouting opportunities to deliver a presentation I created about what it means to “be psychic” titled “How Psychic Are You? Unfolding Your True Connection to the Other Side,” so if anyone knows of a group needing a speaker on such a topic, I just might be your girl. If I don’t find a way to deliver it to a group, I’ll use my new webcam and post a vid here and on YouTube.

Here is the info on the weekly Reiki Share event: 

Experience the healing energy of Reiki and spiritual messages from beyond with an experienced level III Reiki master. Feel tension and worry melt peacefully away and receive a one-card reading before the session and messages from a gifted psychic during your time on the table. In turn, witness how to deliver the healing power of Reiki and determine whether the practice is right for your individual journey. During a group Reiki share, each person receives time on the table, in which stagnant energy is moved through their major chakras to be replaced by healing energy from the group. Reiki is known for bringing peace to participants and opening up the pathways to increased intuition.

In love and light,


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