The “Sines” of Change


Today’s synchronistic trail began with last night’s dream. I woke up with the words “You must do alchemy” in my head and a vision of many sepia-colored bottles spread before me. I thought it odd enough to record and sensed that the message was important, but I was confounded by what alchemy could have to do with me. I have been reading a romance novel in which the main character studies the history of alchemy, so I chalked the dream up me to being engrossed in the novel.

As it turns out, reading that novel, having that dream and the events that occur next are actually an uncanny string of synchronicities.

The next event, though in chronological order, is not yet identifiable as a synchronicity. While walking to grab coffee during work, a friend and I noticed a young man run by who jingled as he jogged. I worried aloud that he would lose his pants:
Me: His pants must be full of change.
Friend: That’s kind of deep.

When I returned to my office, I cracked up when I spotted the fortune that sits in front of my computer monitor that states “You will make a change in something in the near future.” Change was clearly the theme of the day.

I decided to work with my angel app on my lunch break for some comfort or insight for the day. I pulled one of the Archangel Raziel Angel cards for what I should do at lunchtime…Take Back Your Power: “Call upon Raziel to assist your alchemical work—to turn ideas into gold.” Now things were getting real. The card mentioned alchemy–I was paying attention. I decided to pray with Raziel for a few moments about intention and abundance, then I decided to do some meditation on the matter.

I pulled a card on my meditation app. The RANDOM meditation that came up on my meditation app was one for embracing change—a yin/yang symbol. The flip side of the card spoke of accepting and bringing about change. In the symbol as I meditated, I saw a sine wave where the yin and yang meet, a beach where water meets the earth, and hundreds of tiny lights lighting up both the earth and the water. I saw tiny islands and pools within the yin and yang of their opposites. I saw a giant bird as the yang and a giant whale as the yin. I saw a sweet face that looked at me with love.

While thinking of this symbol and listening to the song Alpha to Theta by Lowel Brahms, I lapsed into a meditation where I was walking with Archangel Raziel in a corridor that looked like a hospital corridor. As I transitioned into the deeper meditation, I felt my arms reposition themselves and my legs lift slightly into a different position on their own. Then someone accidentally interrupted the lunchtime meditation by coming into my office–but the meditation had definitely already had an effect.

After my physical visitor left, I asked the Tarot cards whether Raziel and I were in a hall of knowledge. I received the Temperance card—where an angel is blending two substances and stands between earth and water. Alchemy and change. Yin and yang. I am close to tears now from the joy of this knowing, and was close to tears during the meditation.

A phrase came to me as I studied Temperance–spiritual alchemy. After googling it, the first link that I clicked on produced an image of a sine wave.

I’m paying attention, God, and I’m so grateful for these confirmations today.

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