Seeking Synchronicity

Hello, All. This blog is a public reflection of my daily spirituality journal. I am on a journey of spiritual discovery–soul unfoldment, if you will. I meditate daily and have made contact with my spirit guides. My main spirit guide is a nature spirit named Althea–I have experienced her name through clairaudience during a meditation taught to me at a free lecture. I will share this meditation with you on this blog as well as the many other meditations I do through the coming days and weeks. I hope that my discoveries influence you all to embark on spiritual journeys of your own. The most useful tools I have found are my iPhone and three applications on it–Doreen Virtue’s Archangels app, the Essential Meditations Deck app and the very simple-to-use Tarot app. These tools help me communicate with my guides and steer me in the most fruitful directions as I learn about spirituality. Since I began this journey some months ago, I have witnessed a sharp increase in synchronicities and I believe have met several angels in my dreams. For these experiences, I am forever grateful.

In love and light–Erica.

16 thoughts on “Seeking Synchronicity

  1. 2 years and some later I found synchronicity. Your blog! Your twitter account! Blessings doubled! Thanks!

      1. Lol. Asked that question twice in two weeks. No. Not yet. But willing to share whatever it is you want to know.

        And guess time to start one! But that’s a topic for another conversation. Another time. Because something good is happening in my life. Opening!

      2. Yes. I have lots of notes. Thoughts. Unfinished. Never finished from my point of view. But synchronicity screaming clearly. Kicking me on the butt. Through your voice. The voice of the Gods!

      3. Hahaha you will give me a big ego. I do pull from angelic energy all day long, which is what you are picking up. They are lovely, divine beings to whom I owe much. And I see you already having a blog, you will enjoy it greatly.

  2. I know. I can feel, taste, your commitment and connection to the Gods. Synchronicity brought me here.

    That said… I was not expecting your answertonightSo lol

  3. Some comments about synchronicity in my life. 3 weeks ago someone I had just meet online–like was your case–asked me the same question you did, “do you have a blog?”

    This morning I happen to answer a tweet about something and the person I was tweeting with wrote “pay attention to synchronicity…”

    Then I get, out of the blue, a twitter follower who is a book agent. Makes me think…

    Thanks for listening!

    1. Antonio–not everyone is blessed to be able to see his path so clearly as this. It is obviously high time for you to put your notes together and at least start having some fun with it. Synchronicity is calling–will you answer?

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