No Matter Where You Go, There You Are


“We are one, after all, you and I, together we suffer, together exist, And forever will re-create each other.”
–Teilhard de Chardin

“One must never be satisfied with his ability to love. No matter where he is, it is always just a beginning.”
–Leo Buscaglia

We are born unto this Earth to change and be changed. Change is the cardinal rule of our physical universe. Change is the only constant in this world and it is the way of the light. Most of the deities in our world religions share one trait—and that is omnipotence. If our God is all-powerful, could he or she in Divine grace not have borne each one of us into our own personal snow globe of physicality to effect these changes our souls need to see?
Of course this is possible. However, we are born unto this Earth together to change each other and to be changed. Like rivers converging, we are never the same once we meet. Our waters mingle and become indistinguishable from each other, and a third party is created from every union of one soul with another. That third party is the “we” that once was you and me. That third party again divides, in a spiritual fission, and neither of the souls that began the journey is the same or can go back to what they were before. Each meeting of souls, like the confluence of rivers, bears the fruit of transformation, of two new souls. Each time you meet another soul, you are essentially re-born, utterly changed, by that soul, just as a river that meets another river is never the same.
Biology tells us that the human body essentially replaces itself in new cell growth over a period of years. The you of 2014 will not be the same you of 2025, for better or for worse. Geology tells us that you never step in the same river twice, because, while that river appears to be an object that stays in one set area, the water that flows through it is always different. What about the soul that each of us carries around inside this chassis of flesh? It is Divine, and the Divine energy that flows through you from stem to stern is always moving like a river, like a life force.
Also like a river, all of our biological life force extends from the same set of stars that gave their lives in a revolution. In our very atoms is the debris of the big bang, all of us sharing the energy of a blast that echoes throughout our physical world. Similarly, water flows in an endless cycle of re-creation, in sublimation, as it converts from ice all the way to an invisible, gaseous vapor and back again. Sublimation is a word that means “a purification or refinement; ennoblement.” Water is refined, changed as it sublimes.
So are souls.
Our re-creation from physical being to soul and back again is a Divine sublimation. And in between, we leave the process of sublimation and we become flowing rivers that converge and part and seek out other water. Re-creation is our purpose on earth. We are here to be re-born, to transform, to change, to leave as something unlike what we were before. And the way we do that is by crashing into one another, by gently meandering toward one another, by becoming part of something bigger, as a river does when it meets an ocean, and, ultimately, by sharing our life force with one another. When you meet another soul, no matter how many boundaries you install around yourself, you will change, regardless. Forever, we are on earth to re-create each other, to be the agents of change God sent us down to be. Forever, we are on earth to be at the beginning of the next journey, to always be learning, to never be complete in ourselves but always be complete in the Divine cycle of sublimation.
Love is sublime. Love renders us a purer substance, converts us into something of greater value. Love and acceptance of each other, these things re-create us and drive us forward through our Divine cycles. Just as a river is never satisfied enough to stop running, may you always have the love to keep moving forward toward change, to keep re-creating.
For it is in love and transformation that we are at our most sublime.
In love and light–Erica

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