How a Vision Board Can Help You Achieve Big Goals

Does anybody else still use a vision board? I made this one recently to represent my top goals for the next few years. It’s my phone lock screen, phone wall paper and it’s the desktop on my laptop. Over the top of it on my laptop is one of those digital sticky notes with my current schedule on it. I have found this to be the best motivator when it comes to achieving my goals through maintaining daily habits and keeping my vision for the future in mind.

vision board
The Accidental Medium’s 2021 vision board

It’s such a comfort in chaos to have this and I’m glad I spent a few minutes on it before bed one night so I have something to hold onto every day as a reminder of what I’m driving toward.


Keeping a general schedule and having my priority tasks set in another note on my phone also keep my anxiety at bay because I know everything will be taken care of in due time as long as I maintain focus on the task at hand and use every hour purposefully. I’ve already accomplished a great deal in the last year, including just navigating daily life–do you ever give yourself credit for that? You should, because some days it’s all we can do.


The only thing I’m missing on this board is…a heart in the wild! I’m sure I can find a way to fix that though 😉. What would your *new* vision board look like? Be honest with yourself and don’t just cut out a Ferrari and slap it up there.

Consider what is just outside your current understanding of where you could be–stretch juuuuust a bit outside what you think you could achieve and get it on there. In 5 years, you’ll think you should’ve added more, because you’ll be staring right at everything you dreamed of. It’s not just magic: it’s daily habits adding up to a grand total, and your subconscious and the Universe unfolding to your grand plan.

I would also suggest keeping it to just a handful of items that showcase your high-level priority goals.


Just a little bit after I wrote this post this morning (these go out on a schedule), I saw a bit of synchronicity I’d like to share with you all–a friend @amillenialsthirdeye (A Millennials Third Eye ( posted a similar message, and it made my heart glow 💜:

If you needed a sign that change is possible and you can still achieve even SOME of those dreams you keep locked up inside your mind tower, this is it. Build a habit, pursue it more often than not, and you will see change and development toward your goal. It’s cause and effect: throw the rock, hear the splash. May God bless you all with inspiration and joy today and thanks for following.

Love and Light,


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