I encountered this post this weekend, shared by a Facebook group that I follow (Universal States of Consciousness). As it turns out, it was good advice I didn’t know I would need yet.

I often tell myself something similar, to not let myself be swept up in the chaos of others, and to focus on my own path. When I find myself in a position to offer solace to another for a wrong done by some human party, I also say something similar: “it says more about them than it does about you.”

The way people treat us—it’s a reflection of their personality, their values, their moral code, what they hold to be important. It is not a reflection of who we are, or what we care about.

What reflects on us is how we absorb or deflect it—essentially, how we react to the stimulus.

If you agree with the person offering you feedback and you think you should change, accept it with grace and go forth and change to your greatest potential.

Otherwise, just let it reflect off of you back to them. Remind yourself of your focus, what you’re proud of, what YOU choose in this life, and keep choosing it. Never let someone else’s unresolved burdens pull you down.

Rise above the unreal opinions of others. Flick your light on so you can’t see the shadows around you, and blaze a trail forward, doing what YOU know is right and authentic for you. Fall in love with the authenticity and deep kindnesses of your life, and remember in the end that only love is real.

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