Release and Revival

Hello, friends.  It has been some time since I last posted.  Some changes have once again entered my life, and I am curiously watching myself change along with them.  As I flipped through my notes tonight, seeking the ideal subject to write about as I reconnect with you all, I found an old post I started to write three years ago.  In this post, I was describing a disturbing dream I had the night before.  As it turns out, the dream came true this year.  I often have prophetic dreams, as I believe most people do, and this one was almost adorably symbolic:

The archangel card of the day for Aug. 18 was Archangel Jeremiel’s “All is Well” card.  This card came after a night of disturbing dreams in which my house changed around me, reverting to some sort of past version of itself and taking all of the familiar inventory with it. Within the dream, I fell asleep and had a strange dream within a dream, and when I awoke, the house had changed even more.  I rounded up the pets in the dream and proceeded to try to exit, just as I remembered to recite the Lord’s Prayer, which came out sluggishly because I was physically reciting it. The act of speaking woke me up as things were righting themselves in my dream, and I sat up in my bed.

Archangel Jeremiel’s “All is Well” card states that he is the angel who helps transform patterns in our lives.  On the heels of working with Archangel Raziel to learn about and begin spiritual alchemy, this is a logical progression.

Carl Jung has written that the house symbolizes the…

Well, color me surprised when 3 years later I find myself reading this in a new environment, with everything topsy turvy around me and those crazy cats running around here with me, too.  I dreamed of my move to a new home and the utterly revolutionary change that came with it, 3 years before it happened–and I wrote about it.  What is also remarkable is the spiritual alchemy I underwent in the last 3 years as well.  I no longer suffer from anxiety or depression, a healing which I was beginning to predict in the blog post draft I found.

Archangel Jeremiel’s card and the part of the explanation I chose to focus on–his role as the angel who helps transform patterns in our lives–was so telling.  Truly, the following 3 years from that draft transformed patterns in my life in a wild and unruly way that is not for the faint of heart.  I am still transforming patterns, I know I am not done yet–but that one dream and the blog post it engendered tell me that I was already in the stream of change then.

There is something even more enlightening about that draft, however.

The snippet at the end where I begin to talk about Carl Jung–well, I was starting to type that Carl Jung writes that in dreams, a house represents one’s psyche.  Well wouldn’t you know it–I was about to undergo a total spring cleaning in that area.  My psychological world and spiritual development were changing rapidly.  My mediumship was developing, my anxiety and depression were about to be cured, and I was about to become a whole new woman.  That dream that I found so disturbing was indeed the harbinger of disturbance–but it was the kind of ground-clearing, transformative disturbance that I needed to grow.

What I love about finding this old draft is the sheer sweet naivete of it.  Here I was, about to tell you all my innermost private thoughts about this dream, and what Heaven itself had communicated to me about it.  How beautiful is that–not only was I sharing something so precious, but I was inadvertently portending my own transformation while I did it.  It brought to life for me the innocence we all experience as humans on this Earth.  By making the pact to incarnate blind and only be able to sense Heaven’s presence through meditation and faith, we truly become like children in the eyes of Heaven.  We are innocently trying to make our way in an unfamiliar land, and there is something so powerful about that.

I want to leave you with several important ideas from this post.

  1.  Keep a dream journal.  It is worth it to write down anything you can remember in the first few moments of waking up.  When we dream, we connect to other realms and to our inner consciousness in a way we have to work really hard to do when awake, so take advantage of it if you can.  Keep a little notebook by your bed or use your notes application on your phone and record what you can remember.  You will remember more as you record more.  If there is someone you would like to visit you, reach out to them with your thoughts as you drift off–even if that someone is a divine force.
  2. Even the sneakiest human you know is an innocent in the face of this unfamiliar land in which we walk. Forgive yourself. God and Heaven certainly do.
  3. Be patient and enjoy every minute of the present.  Forgive others.  Love as much as you can.  Be the love you want to see in the world, and you will see it returned.  As you send love out, more rushes in to take its place, I promise.  Healing will come if it is meant to–keep the faith.
  4. Change is always right around the corner, and it is the primary reason for our existence here on Earth.

I leave you with the prayer I say over my loved ones and space every morning–I pray that Heaven, the Universe, whatever you call that force bigger than us, to cover you all with light, love and protection.

Please feel free to leave me a reply.  I love comments.  Also, look for me soon on YouTube–I will be doing some guided meditations and posting them there.





6 thoughts on “Release and Revival

  1. A big hearty “Yes!” to your suggestion to keep a dream journal. Many years ago, I was going through a pretty rough time, and I started to keep one. Several weeks into it, the pattern of a recurring dream revealed itself–I paid attention, and not only did the journal help me get through that stuck point in my life, but it also opened the door to understanding and remembering dreams from that point on. And that includes a number of memorable house dreams too!

    1. That’s so awesome, BP. I have also noticed that as you pay more attention to your dreams and connect to your subconscious, it deepens your intuitive abilities and connection with the greater forces around us. I’m considering doing a daily journal on the site as a running sidebar to the larger posts–thanks for getting my wheels turning!

  2. Thank you for sharing some of your most private dreams and realities with us. I have always encouraged journaling, not only dreams, but life too. Your mind and thoughts are a terrible thing to waste. I hate when people say “it was just a dream”. Sometimes dreams are preparing us fo what’s to come. Have you astral travelled at all? Great job on this blog Erica!

    1. Hi Jen, and thank you!! Do you have a blog too? I would love to follow. Astral traveling is something I did inadvertently as a child and it would make a fantastic blog post–stay tuned, my friend. I’m considering doing a series of videos based on an Astral traveling experiment.

  3. Oh Erica you are so beautiful, through & through beautiful!! I so enjoyed your blog and dream!! And I’m so very happy your anxiety & depression is righting itself !
    Looking forward to more
    Love you !! Cherie

    1. Thank you, sweet Cherie! I feel the same way about you, always have. There IS more coming, I’m so blessed to have you reading. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see me write about!

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