5 Signs You Have Psychic Abilities

Ever wondered whether you have psychic ability just coiled up within you, waiting to unfold?

Well, you do. Everyone does, but we’re all little snowflakes. Everyone’s brand of psychic gifts is different. For example, I am a psychic medium and a clairvoyant. Sometimes when I am working with my Tarot cards, I can “see”what card will come up before I flip it over. As a medium, I communicate with spirits and guardians from the Other Side.

There are many types of loosely classed “gifts” out there. BuildingBeautifulSouls.Net has crafted a beautiful ultimate guide to psychic abilities here.

But what are some of the signs that you have a natural gift to perform these acts? It’s simpler to identify than it seems.

Parts of your dreams come true.

Do you ever get that queasy feeling in public when you realize something is unfolding in front of you almost exactly as you dreamed it? Consider yourself lucky, because most people do not remember their dreams. If you keep a dream journal, you will begin to tap into your intuition in a way that will guide you for the rest of your life.

Sometimes this manifests as feeling deja vu.  If you often feel deja vu (the feeling of having been here before) wash over you, pay attention. This is your intuition trying to communicate with you about a person, place or thing.

You wake up to figures standing around your bed.

First of all, don’t freak out. This happens to more people than you think. Most blink it off as a trick of the dark, or as a leftover dream. However, many believe that these shadowy figures we sometimes see when we awake are our spirit guides visiting while we dream beyond the veil.

Knowing in advance when events will occur.

Ever think of an old friend you haven’t seen in 20 years and then run right into her in the grocery store? That is not coincidence, as your gut will tell you if you listen to it. For years I have kept on and off a “synchronicity journal” where I write down the coincidences in my life that occur in sets of 3s. You’d be surprised what you learn about the world around you and your own intuition.

Strong empathy, compassion and willingness to serve

Those who are called to serve have a stronger connection to the Divine. If you feel great compassion for other living beings and feel compelled to give of yourself, you are likely tapped in to your Divine connection and need to explore it through giving of yourself.

Razor-sharp instincts and instant “knowing” about people, places and things

Have you been credited before with having natural instincts for business, counseling, sports, etc.? All of these uses of your instincts tap into a primal intuition we all share. This muscle can be exercised into a force of intuition to be reckoned with.

If these indicators are not enough to help you identify your gifts, take a look at the palm of your dominant hand. If you have the “line of intuition” or what is called the “mystic cross,” you just might be a psychic in waiting.

Line on palm indicating psychic ability
Image depicting the “Mystic Cross” on a palm, courtesy of https://www.yourchineseastrology.com/palmistry/hand-lines/.

In addition to these indicators, some burgeoning psychics will experience inexplicable depression, anxiety and phobias, particularly claustrophobia or nyctophobia (fear of the dark). I was blessed with both of these phobias which persist to this day.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to have a reading, reach out to me at soulunfold@gmail.com and sign up for a Skype, e-mail or in-person reading.