SuperBowl 54: Justice of the Chiefs?

So I decided to try my hand at #SuperBowl2020 predictions. Let’s see how this plays out. So for the #kansascitychiefs, we have the Justice card. That means a fair and balanced game will be played from their side, and this is a major arcane card, which trumps the card we pulled for the 49ers. This is a hard game though, I can already see that coming, and there will likely be a major tie for awhile, judging by the 2 of Swords coming up as a clarifier. For the #sanfrancisco49ers, we have the 6 of Swords. This is a card of “moving on to better things,” and a card of healing. It could be seen as a story of healing graduation for this team, and therefore a potential win. I think this will be a hard fought game throughout and that ultimately the Chiefs will take it—but take that with a grain of salt since if I was good at sports predictions, I’d probably be anonymously rich in a tropical climate somewhere 😂. #super bowl prediction #psychicmedium #psychicsofinstagram #6ofswords #justicetarotcard #tarotreadersofinstagram