Setting Boundaries as an Empath

This one is simple. When you begin to feel strong empathy for someone and feel their energies seeping over into yours (feeling their pain, “knowing” what they’re going through at a spiritual level), say “This is not mine. Namaste.” This means “the light within me sees the light within you, but your energy is your energy and mine is mine.” If you prefer, this can be your chant, whichever one works for you. This is a good practice for maintaining good energy hygiene and keeping others from sapping your energetic strength. #freemeditation #mindfulnessmeditation

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Setting the Intention to Live in the Now

“I have made my plans and set my limits. I will now release thoughts of the future and just be.”

Settle yourself in a bath with lavender Epsom salts. Repeat the above intention to yourself as you breathe in through your nose and out through the mouth. Stop when you feel the intention has anchored within you. When you feel thoughts of the future creeping in later, as they will, start breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth and repeat “Just be.” If you can, have the scent of lavender nearby to take you back to the meditation in the bath and you will instantly start to calm. An essential oil bracelet is great for this. Let me know what you think! #meditation #mindfulnessmeditation #bepresent

New Meditation Series

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my work, I’m developing a series of meditations that come to me while I’m performing Reiki. Some of you have experienced my Willow and Secret Garden meditations, both of which I’ll also be selling instructional videos of soon.

Today while working on a client i began to develop the Lotus meditation. While Secret Garden leads you to meet your spirit guide, and Willow helps you ground your energy and feed your spirit, Lotus takes it a step further and summons that most elusive of virtues:


Lotus is a tool that helps you find compassion and love for yourself and others, delivering healing forgiveness and release from past bonds. Patience comes in the form of empathy as you discover compassion in your heart for even the most difficult characters, and you realize everyone walks with a different pebble in their shoe, but pebbles we all walk on just the same.

Archangel Haniel helps me with the Lotus meditation and brings her special kind touch to it. By the end, you’ll find a peace with your past self that you didn’t know you needed. Stay tuned for videos of this series, or if you’re near my town…come on out to my new Meditation classes beginning January 2020, where we will go into full length versions of my custom meditations, then discuss afterward our experiences while under the influence of pure peace.

Until next time, my friends, love and light:


Habits = Happiness: An investigation into confidence and manageable life change

I’m the first person to be annoyed when someone chastises me about better habits, negative thinking, etc…my inner b#%ch usually screams something about walking a mile in my shoes/does this person want a foot in their a$$/not all of us were born lucky, while I nod and smile politely.

However…there is something to be said for honest effort. There are a few things I need to change in my life:

1. My weight and general wellness

2. I need to organize my closets and cupboards/make my living space more efficient

3. I need to make more $$/have a healthier financial standing

4. I need to cook more and generally relax and stop holding my breath. I need to find time to just enjoy my life, which I’m not doing much of lately. I steal minutes from myself here and there while I mostly work myself to death.

5. I need to keep working to trust my gifts (I have had great success in this in the last year or so) and continue to just “see what I say” to build my clairvoyance and mediumship.

Building the habit of happiness will help me stay on track with shoring up the habits that will help me reach these goals. One of my main obstacles to success is what my mom used to diagnose as “lack of patience”–but as an adult, I see what she meant, and I see exactly what it is.

Sometimes I don’t believe in my power to make good things happen. I don’t believe in my own ability to change. This involuntary fear is depressing, and soul sucking, and it makes it hard for me to get up in the morning.

I have helped scores of people change their lives at this point through spiritual work, but I don’t believe in my own ability to change for the better. I don’t believe in my ability to do just about anything right, some days.

How screwed up is that? I have a whole book on deck about it. One time I was struggling to open this incredibly complex umbrella I borrowed (why why why would it have a hidden latch!?) while a security alarm counted down, and suddenly BAM I got it open and all was well. I literally just could not believe in my own ability to do this and was amazed when I figured it out.

To open an UMBRELLA.

Every time I successfully finish a spin class, I’m on top of the WORLD because I’m positive at the beginning that I will make a fool of myself and fall off the bike. However, 99% of the time I do not fall.

There is that one time I kicked my water bottle clear across the room, but that’s an anomaly.

My point is–I have a problem. I’ve had a problem for a long time: it’s called clinical depression and it doesn’t always go away. The generalized anxiety disorder did go away–and I thank my spirit guides every day that it’s gone and I have a new grip on life. I’m still depressed, though. I still feel like I can’t make a difference in my life or the world at large. I generally feel like I let literally everyone down every day, except for every now and then.

And I share this with you because so many people sit across from me at my desk at Willow or on video chat and tell me the same things I’m telling you here. But in them, I see the light of potential. I show them all of the paths their lives can take and what the potentials are for each choice.

And some of them come back to me, their light within shining, their lives changing because THEY made changes. I know it’s possible. I know it’s real. I see it every day.

My point is…what if it’s time for radical reassignment of who you are? I know it’s that time for me. I need to aggressively make these habits a priority, to plow through whatever used to stop me. Maybe I need to fully, unabashedly, powerfully believe in my ability to change myself and make an impact on the world, even if it’s just one more person. Maybe it’s time for me to believe in my thoughts, my ideas, my feelings, my own intellect, and bask in the love I show others while I amplify it outward.

One of the places to start is to document every day 3 things that I am happy for, and 3 things that I did this day that are remarkable and, also, how I’m feeling at that moment in time. I’m thinking this can’t hurt, it will take only a few minutes – really, the amount of time I’m usually spending watching pet videos on Facebook – and maybe it’s something I’ll be able to share with you all, along with my “Hearts Found in the Wild” photos you can see on my Instagram (@soul_unfold_tarot) and my Facebook (@soulunfold), which I may start sharing here as well.

There has been a wild Valkyrie living inside me for a long time, and I think she’s sick of the bullsh&$. She wants to be free, and I think I’m going to let her. I think I’ve known she’s been there for awhile and have neglected her.

After all this time, she may be what I’ve been seeking. It’s time to be the change I want to see.

In love and light,


Tarot: The Tower and Power of Failure

image demonstrating balance in tarot and rune readings

The Tarot card and message for today is The Tower. From the major arcana, The Tower has a notorious reputation for heralding destruction and the breaking apart of existing structures.

In other words: change. If I had a dollar for every time someone has told me “I hate change”, I would be writing this from Bali instead of my living room at midnight. LOL!

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, The Tower depicts people being thrown from the top of a tall structure. Many psychics likely encountered this symbol in the days before 9/11. Its energy is explosive, life-changing and inalterable.

The Tower also shows a change from being up in the air to down on the ground in pieces. It represents the concept of hitting rock bottom.

And you know what? It’s inevitable. Everything changes. As in most things, there is a blessing within The Tower for each person, individually. You may have fallen from the highest level, but here you are, down at the bottom, looking up, surviving.

Here you are, standing on stable ground instead of a shaky, crumbling, haunted structure. Now you choose how to climb out and rebuild.

Look for the ladder–it’s right in front of you.

What did that make you picture? That’s your ladder. Grab it and climb.

In love and light,


Into Every Life Must Fall Some Rain

I learned the term “rainbow baby” last weekend in a touching, yet mind-blowing way.

A rainbow baby is a baby who enters the lives of a family directly after they experienced the loss of a previous child. The term refers to the sunshine coming after the rain of loss.

I was working a psychic party about 40 minutes from my home two weeks ago. It was a larger group–about 8 women. Still, it was an intimate setting around a dining room table.

I worked my way from reading to reading, channeling late mothers, grandmothers, fathers and other loved ones and giving life guidance. About six people in, I found myself across from a beautiful woman with dark hair and big brown eyes. I will call her Mary to protect her identity.

Something you all may not know about my process is that I draw as I channel Spirit. I write down initials, names and words and draw bizarre things that make sense only to the person being read and the Spirit working through me.

As I reached out to Mary’s spirits, I saw and wrote down a popular brand name with 2 arrows pointing at six letters at the center of the name. These same six letters are at the center of her late relative’s last name. Bingo. She started to tear up, and gripped my hand harder. I also establish a connection by holding one of the client’s hands while I sketch–it sounds awkward, but it solidifies the channel at the start.

As I prepared to move from validation into the guidance part of her reading, Mary stopped me with a heavy look.

“Has no one else come through?” she asked, as tears rested in her eyes.

I said “no ma’am, but if there is someone else you want to hear from, I will try.”

Mary told me she had lost a son. His name was Robert (also changed to protect identity). I centered myself and went quiet as I waited for Robert to step forward as his relatives had done.

Two minutes passed. Five minutes passed. Nothing. I started to sweat. Someone as important in a querent’s life as a child ALWAYS comes through.

I reached out to one of my spirit guides who was a priest when he lived on Earth.

“Joe, help me out, I can’t find this kid.”

Joe did his now-standard move and walked over to the stained glass window, pulling back the curtains.

And then I started to draw. In a flash, I saw a baby wrapped in a blue blanket, but he had wings, and I immediately understood that Robert had reincarnated. The last thing I drew was the letter “D” (changed for anonymity, but it was correct in the reading).

The room had been silent while I worked, so Mary’s cry cut through the air.


And the rest of the information hit me from Joe. Robert died in the car crash before he was born. He went back to the Other Side while Mary mourned his loss. Ten months later, Mary gave birth to a rainbow baby: her beloved current son, David. Robert and David are the same spirit. Mary’s son returned to be by her side, where he is to this day–I have had the great pleasure of meeting him, and he is a sweetheart.

Tears streamed down Mary’s bewildered face as she whispered to me, “This has brought me such peace.” Tissues were handed out down the table as the other women dabbed at their own tears. I was openly crying as Mary’s emotions rolled through me.

Mary’s story is just one of many I am blessed to experience as I meet people and hone my skills. I was incredibly touched to learn of her very special rainbow baby. I am so grateful for the growth I have experienced in this gift and so delighted to be able to share it here and with the people I meet.

In love and light–